This error almost rendered my Windows 7 PC useless; my local Apache and php modules, the entire Office suite and Photoshop when ran came to this screeching halt. Good thing Chrome still works and the cloud had my back.

But I have to do something to fix it. So I googled it and nothing really solid came up that solves it. Mostly forums posts leading to nothing and that one spammy article that points to a program to download with a shady premise. Can you say “malware”?

So here are some of the tips I have gathered (and did) from all over. Pretty good starting point on solving this problem until you reach the inevitable “R” word. So you do this sequentially, it is sort of arranged in a “if this fails, do the next step” way.

  1. Reboot first and run the program.
    Sometimes a reboot does a computer good.
  2. Reboot again in safe mode and run the program again.
    Third party apps might be the cause and booting this way would load only the essentials to make your computer run and probably isolate the error.
  3. The other “R” word.
    Do a system restore. If it worked as it is supposed to be, this would revert back to the last working restore point and hopefully, program and system files were reverted as well while it was still running properly.
  4. Repair or uninstall-reinstall the program.
    Some of the program files could have gotten corrupted and this would fix it if that is the case.
  5. Play with the compatibility mode.
    You’ve already rebooted, restored the computer, reinstalled the program. You might as well play with these settings. Who knows, it might do the trick.

And lastly, the real “R” word:

Reinstall OS

I am no expert on the Windows environment but corrupted/damaged system files might be causing the crash. Also, I couldn’t install new programs so I really had to reinstall.

On reinstalling Windows 7, from experience, it is always best to do a Custom install rather than Upgrading. It is faster and it’s best to start fresh. No need to reformat on this scenario, but feel free so if you prefer going through your PC rebirth differently (or you are using a different OS).

First step on reinstalling OS is to backup your files located on the system drive. Put it on a different partition or on a external media to be sure. Common sense, right?

But when doing a Custom Installation of Windows 7, the Program Files, ProgramData, Users and the Windows folders will be kept and will be moved to a Windows.old folder on the same partition after the installation of the OS is done. So if you are feeling brave, just move your files onto one of those folders and they will be safe (supposedly). The Users folder contain most of the usual folders accessed (My Documents and Desktop) so you shouldn’t be doing much moving at all if you use those folders most of the time.

But there is always that saying “better be safe than sorry”, so just back it up elsewhere.

Once all backed up, run the Windows 7 installer. Brew some coffee, read a newspaper or do a light stroll around your yard and after 30 minutes, you got yourself a fresh clean system.

All you have to do next is to install all those “appcrashing” programs, run it and probably miss that dreadful alert message because it is now gone. I’m kidding, I know you won’t. ;)

Kernelbase.dll AppCrash GONE!

I think I just trolled here. LOL It’s not really a fix when you are clean installing OS, but it did thwarted the crash. Not bad for my first quasi-how-to, I suppose.