My @WordPress install automagically updated again.

Disabling auto scroll in @echofon does not work at all. And I'm not the only one bugged by it.

.@WordPress automagically updated my site. Probably a security update. Been waiting for that to happen ever since I read that on the notes.

That was it? Moar rain. Cooled the air a bit though.

It's raining! Finally.

Screaming crowd, howling dinosaurs and score by Michael Giacchino; this is going to be amazing /.Jurassic World / youtu.be/YvR0UaEKjp0

Mukbang on Parts Unknown Korea season premiere. twitter.com/partsunknowncn…

s(・`ヘ´・;)ゞ #bootloop

Fantastic Four youtu.be/_rRoD28-WgU via @YouTube / Looks nice. I really hope Human Torch does not say "Flame on!" on this movie.

Everybody, sing with me so the rain would finally drop. "Do you ever feel..." http://t.co/FVTsBqdqEf