The Kingsman is 'bloody' brilliant. Firth kicking a* is glorious to watch. Great tracks throughout the movie.

Have not seen Moore's movie but Pike was cunningly good.

Got 2 out of 2 for actors. Not bad. #oscars

Redmayne. Pike. Hawke. Arquette.

Oscars tomorrow! Director and movie is tight on Boyhood and Birdman. Cinematography, Birdman. Sound awards, Interstellar.

Hey @PLDTHome, what's wrong w/ your internet lately? An "up to 3MBPS" account and it won't even load a 240p YouTube video. Still buffers.

IFTTT, one of my favorite sites, rebrands to IF and introduces DO; 3 new apps where you can create personalized button, camera and note taking apps (Do Button, Do Camera and Do Note)

A dragon taking an escalator. Kung Hei Fat Choi! http://t.co/5XGhXKXAQX

Sundubu jjigae with chicken for lunch. #omnom J'ai cuisiné ça. #fr http://t.co/ocNidDL4Qa

Je dois télécharger les photos sur l'ordinateur et faire le truc. #fr