Finally. Direct carrier billing on @GooglePlay for @SMARTCares subscribers. http://t.co/z2cLlHaFAt

Good morning USA. Happy Thanksgiving.

MINIONS youtu.be/wTGOK9VqOxA

Jurassic World / youtu.be/RFinNxS5KN4 / I think this is banking on nostalgia alone. Felt like it was not enough. Hmm.

Pan youtu.be/tjW1mKwNUSo / Another Joe Wright - Dario Marianelli tandem, I have high expectations about this now.

Turk-tacular Turkey Town Festival and Turkey Trot #bobsburgers

Pacquiao wins! Queue BIR Comm. Kim Henares. Nyahaha:D #PacquiaoAlgieri

The hex is working. I think.

Talo si #ThaiPacquiao

Why does Algieri look Chinese? Lolz

#GmailTrivia Goodies

After more than 2 months waiting, it finally arrived! Google goodies from the #GmaiTrivia by Gmail. So worth the wait. Merci beaucoup Google. Je l’apprécie vraiment.

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Disney's Cinderella: youtu.be/20DF6U1HcGQ / Looks great, especially that part when Blanchett got the shoe. Bonham Carter seems perfect.

Look what finally arrived today. A box. Hehe:D http://t.co/tsnGDrRl3k

Je ne sais pas le dire en Français. #fr