First time on the entire series that GOT misled me using score. That's definitely new & clever. Just when they said the show already peaked.

Hey Ireland, up top! twitter.com/lord_voldemort…


Souvenir daw yan. http://t.co/ifh4jXfHqU

Heard on TV, Tagalised Casino Royale saying 'Le Chiffre' as 'Le Shifer'. #nowyouknow LOLz;)

Cinq cent jours. #fr

No comment. twitter.com/uberfacts/stat…

Sony to remake that 90s witch movie The Craft. "By the power of 3x3, make them see, make them see." Don't know why I still know that. Hehe;D

Crimson Peak trailer / Gorgeously lush horror. Powercasted. Looking forward to this movie. youtu.be/6yAbFYbi8XU

According to the official @twitter app, while I was away, I only missed 3 tweets. And those tweets, I just read 15 minutes ago. #kthxbai