Google Keep gets tags labels! Finally! I’ve been waiting for that since it launched. Also new sharing and collaboration options but heck who cares because LABELS!

SPECTRE INTERNATIONAL TEASER TRAILER - FALL 2015 youtu.be/8tzekdJxTQM / #bond #malena

Work Song > Take Me to Church

What's GMA7's mantra again? Walang kinikilingan, walang pinoprotektahan. Party-party lang? Was that it? #vickymorales #napoles

Ma première promenade à vélo après deux ans. #fr First bike ride in 2 years. http://t.co/Gt7hQgzTJG

Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation - Fate: youtu.be/tNPZGc0WmfM via @YouTube / #planestunt

Elle est la Journée internationale de la Francophonie aujourd'hui, mais c'etait hier, le 20 mars. :D #fr

It's gone now. Bonjour à tous!

My apologies, I pasted a series of chars that when loaded on Chrome on OSX would crash the browser. I got a DM in less than a minute.ahihi;)

The Leviathan / vimeo.com/122368314?ref=… #Vimeo / Hey Hollywood, stop it w/ the sequels/remakes & make this! #mybodyisready #leviathan