J'ai vu Nos Étoiles Contraires. C'est bien mais il est trop triste. Trop triste. #fr

The Foo Fighters pwned the #ALSIceBucketChallenge youtube.com/watch?v=XLZOjL… via @YouTube / LMAO

Emily Blunt's movie "Edge of Tomorrow" is now called "Live, Die, Repeat". Suits it better. imdb.com/title/tt163186…

I ♥ Google.

Congratulations! RT @TelevisionAcad The #EmmysArts Outstanding Animated Program winner is @BobsBurgersFOX! http://t.co/wBzkeOE4u9

I just realized that my name got immortalized by Gmail. #humblebrag

I don't know how many joined #GmailTrivia. I'll ask, we're tight now and all. Hehe. Yep, couldn't believe it also that only 4 of us made it.


Of course, I added my new internet badge to my Twitter and G+ profiles. LOL

I am definitely going to print that trophy

Did the #GmailTrivia and look what greeted me this morning! A trophy! With my name on it! Thanks @gmail! #gmailexpert http://t.co/WSpjLDBOIQ

Drum roll, please... Congrats to Avrohom, Jasper, Sarah and Onat for getting all 8 questions correct! #GmailTrivia http://t.co/h5Be0odmQc

The @surface Pro 3 with the dock looks very sleek. It screams productivity when it is anchored there. #addedtowishlist

It's great that Pinoys finally caught the make-up transformation même bug. So far, Bogart takes the cake.