REC4 Apocalypse: youtu.be/-n7-bK7dZEM / I liked the chainsaw-wielding wedding chaos on REC3 but I'm very excited that Angela is back.

Almost ready to explode http://t.co/aR4h6ySehZ

Almost ready to explode flic.kr/p/oXPBst

Hollywood to reboot the Underworld franchise. Really!? #why

But The Legend of Korra's season finale (last 2 eps) were a creative feat! W/ strings (score) that didn't quit & breathtaking choreography.

True Blood series finale was meh.

Swing Copters is evil appified.

Young Ones trailer / youtu.be/mH9_tU5PbGs / Intriguing.

J'ai vu Nos Étoiles Contraires. C'est bien mais il est trop triste. Trop triste. #fr

The Foo Fighters pwned the #ALSIceBucketChallenge youtube.com/watch?v=XLZOjL… via @YouTube / LMAO

Emily Blunt's movie "Edge of Tomorrow" is now called "Live, Die, Repeat". Suits it better. imdb.com/title/tt163186…

I ♥ Google.

Congratulations! RT @TelevisionAcad The #EmmysArts Outstanding Animated Program winner is @BobsBurgersFOX! http://t.co/wBzkeOE4u9

I just realized that my name got immortalized by Gmail. #humblebrag