John Wick. Loud. Brash. Gory. Ruthless. Unforgiving. Unflinching. Badass. Stylish. Go see it now.


The red Motorola Droid Turbo. Damn. Red badass monster.

Ambition the film: youtu.be/H08tGjXNHO4 via @YouTube / Great CG work on this short. And Petyr Baelish, with no moon doors on sight. :D

The spam I receive quadrupled when I posted my email on Twitter. Deleting all traces. Tip: don't post your email in public.

Cool. http://t.co/yxU8b5rHX9

I wonder who's idea was it to block text by an app's Play Store link on @inquirerdotnet earlier? Now, there's that Mobo pop-up. #unfollowing

Marvel's "Avengers: Age of Ultron" - Teaser Trailer: youtu.be/tmeOjFno6Do / This is rather meaty for a teaser trailer. May 2015

I need help. I need to steal this. Looking for a lookout, diversion, 2 to help carry & someone w/a van. #letsdothis:D http://t.co/oKMbrJBmWw

Je deteste le passé du subjonctif. #fr

Big Hero Six and Interstellar both open on the same day? What!?

I noticed that I keep on putting pluralities on my verbs w/plural subjects when writing. In French, it's correct *mais n'est pas en Anglais.

My Twitter/email/website notifications are back to their boring normal. Hehe:D It was really overwhelming when it broke. Thanks again.

I'm not doing this for RTs/faves but now that the storm is calm, thanks for all the ppl who did re on Camp X-ray tweet. You're all awesome.