How everyone died was interesting. Might watch for that. Also, if Kim Chiu would be on prt3, she should be Lotus Feet. #backstory #jetenprie

I might actually see Feng Shui 2. The Chunkee corned beef plug on part 1 was hilarious. What are they going to plug next? Chowking? Hehe:D

Hollywood just got pwned.

Nice simple UI update for Google+ notifications. http://t.co/h178pEx9CL

More than 100k WordPress powered websites got compromised by the SoakSoak redirection malware because of a RevSlider vulnerability which was published months ago. Sucuri SiteCheck offers a tool to check if your site is infected and advises to install a firewall (theirs or others) to protect websites from the infection.

The same group who lobbied for the Google Tax in Spain that made Google pull-out News on their country wants to take it all back. Asks government to help stop Google News closure. Be careful what you wish for. LMAO

Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games - play.google.com/store/apps/det… / More dumb ways to die. Enjoy.

Marco Polo / youtu.be/hB-ltNasHVw / Immediately thought that it would be 200% better if they spoke Chinese. Looks great but feels lazy.

The ABS-CBN Mostly Lip-synced Christmas Special: ASAP Edition hehe:D

Google cuts ties with MPAA after going above and beyond on the war against piracy. Ended up getting called childish and as the ‘facilitator’ of piracy. Also, MPAA planning to battle “Goliath”. So who do we “righteously” thank for the Sony hack?