#GmailTrivia Goodies

After more than 2 months waiting, it finally arrived! Google goodies from the #GmaiTrivia by Gmail. So worth the wait. Merci beaucoup Google. Je l’apprécie vraiment.

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Disney's Cinderella: youtu.be/20DF6U1HcGQ / Looks great, especially that part when Blanchett got the shoe. Bonham Carter seems perfect.

Look what finally arrived today. A box. Hehe:D http://t.co/tsnGDrRl3k

Je ne sais pas le dire en Français. #fr

It’s so fuzzy…

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It's so fuzzy... flic.kr/p/pYP2xb

Minions - Official Trailer / youtu.be/P9-FCC6I7u0 via @YouTube / With Kevin, Stuart and Bob. And other artists. Got surprised w/the cast.

Google on a roll rolling out Material-ized, IMAP/POP capable Gmail app the revamped “automagical” Calendar app. Cool.

Wow. @PartsUnknownCNN Magnificent cinematography and music. Learned a lot. Iran episode has the warmest smiles. @Bourdain

DST. Delay.

Dolores Jane Umbridge wins the Internet on Halloween

If you still don't have one, DM me for an Inbox invite. Qui veut une invitation pour Inbox?

The Apple Media Distortion Field — Medium - medium.com/@krautreporter…

John Wick. Loud. Brash. Gory. Ruthless. Unforgiving. Unflinching. Badass. Stylish. Go see it now.