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#TVPATROL, 'bilib' , 'keri lang' and 'panis'? Seriously!?! #tabloidnatabloid

Wonder Woman wields a sword? I didn't know that.

J'ai eu beaucoup de plaisir hier soir. #fr


Wow! There's a #Fringe reference on the NSFW trailer of Hot Tub Time Machine 2! #nerd

Sad Batman is sad. http://t.co/oIknUbSyG5

Divergent was actually decent. Bearable. So sequels would be what's beyond the fence and the war right? Hmm.

And just saw the first look for the live action Elsa for OUAT. She's still Peter/Olivia's Henrietta "Etta" Bishop to me. I miss #Fringe.

Just saw the Grey trailer. Only good thing about it was the track they used.

Pirates of the Caribbean 5 on 2017? Why?! What movie was it when they were in Singapore?

Suddenly craving haw flakes. I remember Ate Meng's store near the school sold those. Saan pa meron nun dito sa Gapo?

Oops! Here's the English version. Ahihi:D / Intermarché - Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables: youtu.be/p2nSECWq_PE / They're ugly but good.

Intermarché - "Fruits et Légumes Moches": youtu.be/lMARwAXmn_0 / Ils sont moches mais bons! #fr