So. Many. Movies.

Just found out that my daily email journal OhLife is shutting down. Long live OhLife. And thanks for the export page. http://t.co/pzgqhb1OXn

Those Interstellar posters are spoiling the movie. I need to mute it now. *mutes Interstellar*

We got Severus Snape and Harry Potter, sort of. #SlytherinPride http://t.co/pgZkXgnHq9

Hmm... http://t.co/VGJHWNVHNT

Apple is hiding an embarrassing iPhone 6 camera bulge theverge.com/e/5973800 via @verge / LOL. It IS that embarrassing they're hiding it.

And they're remaking I Know What You Did Last Summer also. Of course, there will be an original cast cameo in it.

They're remaking Korea's I Saw the Devil. Come on. #outofideas

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Trailer youtu.be/C_Tsj_wTJkQ / Is it only me or the trailer lacks something? No goosebumps. I hope it's good.

Galaxy Note 4 -- Then And Now: youtu.be/oxhSnNZH3Rk / Oh snap! Or as the current colloquial say, #BoomPanes!

Effie Gray trailer youtu.be/5BLzK1z0EII / Written &starred by Emma Thompson. Fanning looks gorgeous. Too early but photography looks lush.

What's wrong with the Internet today? I got three automatic password resets today saying that users' accounts could be compromised.

Excited for Rio, Eu Te Amo. New York and Paris were great. See: Cities of Love movies.

Exactement! RT @Pocketnow With the iPhone 6, Apple has become a ‘me, too’ company bit.ly/1rJXvfP