I know you want to update evry1 but on the main @YahooPH acnt? If it's @YahooPHSports, I'd understand. But it's not. TIP: see @rapplerdotcom

The least that whoever is in charge of the tweets for @YahooPH is to (hash)tag their play by play tweets. Flooded timeline.

TAKEN 3 / youtu.be/JuU0M2xBasc / Looks promising, they don't need a lot to trump that stupid part2. He's sounding more like Optimus Prime.

The #gapgate is real & it's on the manual (2 iterations back). Well at least it can now hold cards & pieces of paper?! LOL But does it bend?

Microsoft announces Windows 10, skips 9 but it's really the 11th version of the OS. Yep.

BTW, Transformers: Age of Extinction was horrible.

Wait? #gapgate is fake? Fishy fishy. Maybe it's a prerequisite now to get early access. Lol It's a dirty game, they're playing.

Just go get a sturdy case. And big hands.

If I run a tech site, I'd ignore it so hard & "expose the conspiracy" just to have early access to the iPhone 7, etc. Page views = money.

Big sites ignore #bendgate bec if they run a post on it, Apple might not give them early access to new products. youtu.be/XaQsXJ5NtnA

Some serious R/D and QC issues right there.

Oh no. More *-gates. #cameragate for iPhone6's camera lens breaking (bec it protrudes[?]) and #gapgate for the Note 4's gap in the screen.

The post's title says it all - theverge.com/2014/9/29/6865… / But I can't believe that there are 'deniers' of this. Like a horse with blinders.

Outstanding season premiere for @PartsUnknownCNN as @Bourdain 'crashes' Shanghai. So happy the show is back! Top cinematography, as always.