#chipgate What is it with Apple and their gates? Not all iPhones are created equal.

So Facebook's supposedly 'dislike' button turns out to be a bunch of emojis which the Path app has since the dawn of time.

The election on 2016 is now called Philippine Election Extravaganza Color Run 2016. #damingtatakbo

Google's AMP Project is so freaking fast. There should be an 'always load AMPd page' option that has only one state & that is on by default.

Pacquiao's definition of service to the Filipino people is attending 4 out of 70 days in the Congress. twitter.com/iamkarendavila…

Wow! I'll be following Colbert now bec of this. Classy & none of Fallon's fake laugh / Yo-Yo Ma Performs “The Swan” youtu.be/-mEndqJC12I

With Tolentino's apology and LP "resignation", I don't think that is the last time we'll hear #ChairmansGift.

RT @teddyboylocsin: WARNING TO POLITICIANS: Never say public office is a personal sacrifice. It is an honor for which there can be no sacrifice. Nobody wants u.

RT @kaifrancisco: MMDA chair Francis Tolentino asks LP to exclude him from the party's senatorial lineup. @rapplerdotcom http://t.co/2QqLcvIAhN

New Microsoft Lumia flagships with Continuum and the new Surface Book look amazing.