Look! They fixed it. Still ugly and distracting but at least they're aligned on a straight line now. @twitter @design http://t.co/QqekUFPuNM

Apparently, I have a @Twoo which I hadn't signed up to. Probably @springme sold my email to them? Just deleted my account on it.

These ugly circle icons weren't there this morning. So distracting. The alignment also. @twitter @design http://t.co/QH7nIchtQv

Ugly sans-background desktop @twitter is ugly but wide-everything official mobile app looks nice.

RT @BryanFuller: #Hannibal has been cancelled. That doesn't mean the feast is over Tweet #BeholdTheRedDragon NOW to find a new home! thndr.it/1IdUtga

"It’s dark on the other side and madness is waiting…" #Hannibal

Martin Romualdez TVC. Tsk tsk. #novotelisted

RT @ABSCBNNews: Miriam says cancer contained, eyes presidency bit.ly/1OlL5Yj http://t.co/5FmXVoLhSj

#SPECTRE youtu.be/ujmoYyEyDP8

RT @DeLaurentiisCo: The teacup is broken. It's never going to gather itself up again. #NakamaForever #Hannibal